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Employment and Academic Verification Protocols

The most difficult component of an employment background check is obtaining previous employment verification and to a lesser degree academic verifications. While most employers respond to our request in a professional and quick time-frame, there are also those that don't.Mergers and acquisitions can find that the HR records no longer exist.

Frequently some employers and educational institutions have off-loaded their records to third-party providers such as The National Student Clearing House or The Work Number. If an employer or schools records are now stored with either of these providers they in turn charge us a fee to obtain their records. These fee's, if any, are directly added to the cost of the search with no additional mark-up from HireSafe.

Employment and Academic Verification Protocols

At HireSafe International, we work with such Companies who understand that a prospective employee’s past can play a large role in shaping their Company’s future and this is why, we guarantee services that are timely, accurate and reliable.

HireSafe International comprehensive Pre employment screening services address employee hiring problems of falsified employment applications, fake educational certificates and other fraudulent information that may be presented by the applicant. With our smart, comprehensive and dependable verification techniques, you can be assured of receiving accurate screening reports that reveal past employment history, fraudulent educational documents, and any other lie mentioned in the prospective employee’s application.

We are backed by a team of professionals who are dedicated towards serving your screening and background checking needs to the best of the abilities. Our long term goals include building ties with Companies abroad and expanding our operations the world over.

Verification Protocol Definitions

Verifying Party

Any person, department or third-party service whose purpose is to verify official personnel, educational or licensure records.

Valid Attempt Defined as, but not limited to:

• Any contact with the Verifying Party
• Leaving a message for the Verifying Party
• Awaiting results, requested via fax, email or Web service, from any third-party
• verification provider
• A request for release or additional information from Client
• Valid Telephone Number Number provided by the client or a working number retrievedfrom any of the following sources, including but not limited to:
• An internal Verifying Party Database
• Directory assistance
• Various commercially available databases
• Internet search engines/websites (e.g. Google)
• Secretary of State / State Board of Education Websites

Order on Hold

•Any order, per Client request, that remains in progress and not closed per protocol.Work of said orders will cease until Hold is released by Client.

How Verification Works / Standard Process

1. Following the establishment of Valid Telephone Number:One Valid Attempt is made each business day with three Valid Attempts being made within a maximum of 72 business hours
2. Immediately following the third Valid Attempt, additional research is conducted in an effort to obtain an alternate Valid Telephone Number.
3. If an alternate Valid Telephone Number is located, additional Valid Attempts will be made using alternate Valid Telephone Number
4. If an alternate Valid Telephone Number is not located, 24 hours following a fourth Valid Attempt, by Quality Assurance, order will be closed or placed On Hold

Closing Exceptions

Orders may remain open in excess of the 24 hours following aforementioned third Valid Attempt, if warranted under the following situations:

• On Hold per Client request
• Institution temporarily closed (e.g. holiday school closing)
• ETA of results provided by Verifying Party
• Verifying Party contact is sick/on vacation or has indicated a delay in retrieving results
• Request made by Client
• Conditions beyond our control (e.g. natural disaster)

There are going to be situations that are beyond our control that can cause delays in obtaining the desired results. While we try our very best we can't force anyone to respond if they choose not to do so.